Wizards & Immortals

Immortals and Wizards are the administrators who run the database. In most MUDs, Immortals are barely distinguishable from Wizards - they're just one step down from the Wizards of the MUD. An Immortal is commonly a player who has won the game, and is now able to create new sections of the game. Immortals are very powerful, but they don't have the right to do whatever they want to you; they must still follow their own set of rules, or face the wrath of the Wizards. The Wizards can do whatever they want to whomever they want whenever they want - it's their MUD. If you don't like how a Wizard acts or lets his Immortals act toward the players, your best recourse is to simply stop playing that MUD, and play another.

At QuarantineMUD/Chronicles the layout is fairly simple.  There are nine levels of "immortality".

Wizards Overlords ~~~~~~~~~~~ Bane Mysidia Entropy Kahunas ~~~~~~~~~ Zaradaquaw Department Heads ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mysidia - Director of Coding and Systems Bane - Overseer of Justice Earendil - Lead Builder Delghaari - Master of Questing Retired Implementors ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dante Ash
Additional Immortals Supreme Greater Deity Deity ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~ Myrkul Earendil Dion Krelian Delghaari Quest Master Questor Lesser Deity ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Eterien Phoenix Chaztidy Immortals ~~~~~~~~~ Abominus Sapper Shango

Immortal being the lowest, Overlord being the greatest--we just apply tasks and responsibilities towards the appropriate position.  Among the various levels of duty, building (helping to expand the "virtual world"), keeping the peace among the players, running quests for players, and basically making the MUD enjoyable all apply to each and every one Immortal and Wizard.  If you have any interest in applying for immortal status, just contact us through the QMUD group.


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