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Getting Started on QuarantineMUD

    Okay, so you are ready to play QuarantineMUD, first you need to get a Mud Client.  These applications allow you to log onto a MUD and play.  If you are running Windows, you should have access to Telnet, or you can download ZMUD from, Pueblo/UE, and Atlantis is available for Mac Users

    You need to figure out, at this point, the interface of the MUD client you are using, experiment a little.  Ultimately, you will need to input the address and port to get connected.  Connecting to QuarantineMUD, you would input the address - port 5000

    Now you need to choose a name. It should be something unique or fantasy like, and usually one word, unless having two words makes sense. Then choose a password.  Your password should be something that cannot be easily guessed by the name of your character, or by how you plan on acting on the MUD. Now you have the
basis of your character.

Choosing the Guild, Class and Deity of your Character

    You can always start again if you dislike any one aspect about your character, but that gets more difficult if you level a character up, then decide you don't like that character.  The very, very basics of each guild are listed in help files and at the character creation screens. If you really want to know the experience each entails, you need to talk to the Immortals and Mortals, or just playtest as you go along.   Choose your Deity, based on your alignment and guild, and then your race, mostly based on preference of role-playing or stats, and now you're done creating your new character.

    You have now entered the realm of Landsverge, the virtual world you will travel. Start by wearing all your equipment (eq) currently in your inventory by typing 'wear all' and wielding the appropriate weapon.  To view your inventory, simply type the word 'inventory' at the prompt.  You will see a list of what you are carrying, one item of which will be a weapon, a mace.   Wield this weapon by typing 'wield mace'.


More to Come!

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