General MUD information


A MUD (Multiple User Dimension or Multiple User Dungeon) is a computer program which allows Internet users from around the world to connect to it, create fictional characters for themselves, and then interact with other real users as well as computer-generated entities in a virtual environment. Users can explore their virtual world, talk to or perform actions with other human players, roam through dangerous monster-infested areas, solve puzzles, and seek treasures.   -

Let's say you've now gotten a character, and you're connected up, and things are starting to get interesting. At this point, you should do what is probably least intuitive: type help, read the instructions and directions, and understand them. Then, type news, read the information, and understand it. Then (yes, we know, we know... it'll be fun, soon!) practice using the commands given to you until you think you've got a good enough grip to be able to start in on exploring, questing, socializing, or whatever else tunes your engine.    -   copyrighted 1996-1999 by Jennifer Smith


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